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Who: Tim Drake and Rachel Grayson
When: After Jim proposes.
What: What do you mean, you knew. :C

It wasn't that she was annoyed that apparently everyone but McCoy and her had known Jim was going to propose. The surprise had been pretty amazing, and she still kind of couldn't believe it had happened, but it had and now she needed to go tell people herself.

But not before drawing it out a little first, and particularly with Tim, because seriously, bro? She knew Alfred wouldn't have said anything and she was still kind of blown away that Jim had actually asked Bruce and he'd said he'd said yes, but Tim was supposed to be on her side, dammit, not secretly in cahoots with her boyfriend.

So, she'd timed it perfectly. Knowing Tim was usually up and around by now, even on a Saturday, she'd casually let herself into the manor, making just enough noise to announce that she was home without being too unsubtle about it, and went to get nice and set up on the couch, turning on the TV and hiding both her hands in her sweatshirt pockets, keeping her expression as neutral and natural as possible, waiting for Tim to wander down to see why she'd apparently invited herself over to catch reruns of Law and Order.
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Who: Jim Kirk and Rachel Grayson
When: At some point after they've been dating for a long time, I suppose.
What: Jim fail proposes.

Honestly, it was kind of impressive that Jim was able to talk Rachel into going to this kind of place as often. One, she didn't usually have the time or inclination to go before she'd started dating Jim, two, she'd never really adjusted to the whole being filthy rich thing and three, she usually liked avoiding places they'd end up photographed at because paparazzi were annoying and she preferred keeping out of the paper, if at all possible. But, even if she'd never really felt comfortable in this sort of place before, she was actually having a nice time.

And she hadn't even really complained about it, or tried to come up with an excuse or talk him down to going to a place where she could wear jeans and a leather jacket guilt free, so here they were, pretty dressed up, in a stupidly nice restaurant and talking about ridiculous emergency room visits.

"So, you're telling me you had to take a toy car out of a guy's nose? I don't even want to think about how it got in there. And I'm still not really sure that's physically possible."


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